Who Is Daniel?

His Personal and Political Background

My entire life I've had to go against the grain. I lived through poverty, discrimination and had to work twice as hard as everyone around me for half the recognition. People often talk about being the change – that's what we were trying to do. Make this a real opposition party, doing what many politicians may feel is boring, administrative work from the inside. To come out stronger, and more united.

Racism within the PPC

My Account of Racism within the People's Party of Canada

Being an elected official for the party, I felt it was my duty to publicly call out these changes within the tone and attitude of the administration. Because now it cannot be chalked up to the media amplifying Max's rhetoric, and it will give other Presidents' and administrative officials an opportunity to challenge the direction of the party, and reel it back on course to being a fiscally conservative party.

Public Statements

News Coverage


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke